Rent 2 Buy

What is Rent 2 Buy?

Rent to Buy is an innovative strategy which is designed to help tenants get onto the property ladder. Rent to Buy allows tenants to rent their desired property for a fixed period of time (commonly 5-7 years) with the option to purchase the property at a pre-agreed price at the end of the rental period.

Here at Redmayne Smith, we specialise in the Rent to Buy strategy and have helped hundreds of landlords to achieve.

  • 7 Years of guaranteed rent

  • An average of 26% more annual profit than Buy to Let on the same properties

  • No arrears or void periods

  • No expensive or silly callouts because the tenant is contracted to deal with maintenance work and bills

  • More power to evict problem tenants (currently 6 month waits for Buy to Let landlords…)

  • Ethical because you are helping families/couples to have a home when this might not be possible otherwise

  • Far less time spent on management of your property because Rent to Buy is so hands off

If you would like to learn more, simply download the guide for free and take a read!

What will you do with the time saved and extra profit? More holidays, more properties? Let us know!

Here is a short video from one of our founders and a very experienced property investor, Paul Smith to help give you more of an understanding of the strategy

Would you like to learn more about this fantastic strategy? We have written a FREE guide to show landlords the simple step that they need to take to get 7 Years of Guaranteed Rent from the Rent 2 Buy strategy on their properties.