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Who are Redmayne Smith?
Redmayne Smith is a knowledgeable and trusted property investment partner which specialises in new build and off-plan property investment opportunities.
We’re proud to deliver an end-to-end service to give you the time, freedom and ongoing support needed to build and nurture a successful property portfolio.
We provide innovative investment opportunities from the most trustworthy developers. You can rely on us for a diligent end-to-end service. 
How much do you charge?

We don’t charge you, the client, anything at all. We are here to assist you in your investment journey and source the best possible investments that meet your criteria.

What is off plan property?

Off-plan property is buying or investing in a property before the build has been completed. Off-plan property is often purchased at a discounted rate, compared to the value that the property would have once completed. 

There is rising market demand for off-plan property investors in UK cities due to the benefits that they offer to investors.

What are your property investment services?

Redmayne Smith offer a wide range of services to help our global client base build wealth. We deliver innovative investment opportunities, coupled with expert know-how, seminars, webinars, networking events, insights and a diligent and friendly team here to help you through the investment process.

What are your USPs?

Something for everyone: Redmayne Smith specialise in offering off-plan investment opportunities to maximise ROI and Ready to Rent options for immediate income. We provide property investment options from £40,000 to excess of £1 million, with investment options from all corners of the UK.

Easy to invest: Our diligent team will support you through every stage of the property investing journey. You can rely on an end-to-end service that gives you more time to spend your increased passive income in the way that you choose.

By your side: We’re a friendly face working alongside you. Our expert team will scrutinise every project and you will only be presented properties that are profitable and fit your investment goals.

How do you select the developments?

We have offers from 100’s of developers contacts us regarding new developments. We cherry pick one or two of the best developments in the most lucrative areas for both rental income and capital appreciation. We focus on the how this can build you long term wealth. 

What’s the minimum amount needed to start investing in property?

You need roughly £45,000 to begin investing in off-plan, however this differs depending on the development. A simple way of working this out would be roughly 25% of the purchase price. 

How can I raise funds to purchase off plan property?

There are a number of ways to fund off-plan property.

Savings: By putting money aside you can generate enough funds to make a fully-cash or part-cash purchase.

Mortgage Or Remortgage: You can borrow the value of the off-plan property with the assistance of a mortgage, providing you can meet certain criteria. If you own an existing property and it has risen in value, you may consider remortgaging. This means that you can withdraw equity tax-free against the new value.

Sell: This is good option if your old property is not meeting goals anymore. This needs to be considered with care, as it can lead to a capital gains tax bill.

Pension: If you are over 55, you can now withdraw all or part of a pension and utilise the cash how they choose.

Joint venture: Alternatively by teaming up with a family member, friend or another property investor you can create a joint venture. This allows you to split the costs in exchange for an agreement on the profit or the work, depending on the project.

Why choose off plan property?

There are many great benefits of off-plan.

Below market value properties: The cost of buying off-plan is often cheaper than buying an existing property. This is because developers are usually offering the property at discounted sale price to entice new buyers. Off-plan properties can be found at up to 55% below market value.

More freedom: Off-plan property has more freedom as investors can often influence the finish of the property.

Meets modern standards: New build homes have aesthetic benefits due to their fresh and modern designs. They also offer sustainable qualities and are more likely to meet the new, raised EPC criteria.

Capital growth potential: The off-plan property capital growth is often higher than other properties. This is due to the upwards mobility of house prices and the demand for properties in the area, stimulated by these properties.

Staged payments: With off-plan property, payment can be split into separate stages. This means that investors often don’t need to pay the purchase price until the development’s completion, instead they will just need a small deposit and a percentage of the overall property price. 

Is it possible to get a mortgage for off plan property?

Yes. It is worth noting that it may take longer than traditional mortgage to obtain, due to it being difficult to gauge the valuation of a new-build.

Can I use my off plan property investment as serviced accommodation?

Yes. However, it is important that you read the terms of the contract on the property.

What help and support do you provide?

As well as running events and webinars, Redmayne Smith is available to contact on telephone and email to discuss any enquiries you may have. 

Is my purchase covered by a warranty?

All deposits paid by yourself (the client) will be held either in a client account where the developer cannot touch this money until you have completed on the property or alternatively the deposits paid will be covered via insurance where if the build doesn’t go ahead you will be able to claim your deposit back.

Can I use the equity in my current home to invest in property?

Yes! Using the equity in your current home is a great way of capitalising on your assets, to find out more why not download our handy guide here >

How does the equity process work?

After speaking with one of our investment consultants they will provide you a list of our approved partners who will guide you on your equity release journey. 

Do you host any supporting events for property investors?

Redmayne Smith offer a wide range of supporting events for property investors to help with their journey. These include webinars, seminars and networking events. 

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