How To Choose The Best Buy To Let Properties For Sale

When scouring property listings to choose your next UK investment property, you need to know what the best deal looks like. Many properties seem like a good deal on the surface, but turn out to be money pits rather than money spinners. In this week’s blog you will discover how to choose the best buy to let properties for sale.

Gut feelings may work when choosing your family home, but thorough due diligence is essential to a successful property investment strategy. The truth is doesn’t matter how nice your property looks if it is an area without decent capital growth or high rental demand. If you are interested in making money from property, you need to evaluate buy-to-let investment opportunities thoroughly.


How To Make Money From Property

Step one: choose the right property.

A solid foundation is absolutely vital to building a solid and profitable property portfolio.

Key considerations:

  • Investment/regeneration in the area – this brings money!
  • Rental demand.
  • Potential rental income.
  • Local property price growth.
  • Property upkeep – will it need a lot of time/money invested?
  • NET yield (how much you will make minus costs).

Many of these considerations are specific to the individual property, so we are going to focus on rental income and capital appreciation (property price growth).


Manchester Rental Demand UK


Where Can I Find Out About UK House Price Growth?

There are several reliable sources you can use to find out about UK house prices. Here are some suggestions to the best buy to let properties for sale in terms of capital growth:

  • Land Registry: The UK government’s Land Registry provides official data on property prices and transactions across England and Wales. This can be a useful source for understanding trends in different regions and property types.
  • Nationwide House Price Index: The Nationwide Building Society’s House Price Index provides monthly updates on average property prices across the UK, as well as insights into market trends and economic factors.
  • Rightmove: Rightmove is one of the UK’s largest property portals, and provides a wealth of data on property listings, prices, and market trends. Their monthly House Price Index report can be a useful source of information for investors.
  • Zoopla: Zoopla is another popular property portal in the UK, and offers data and insights on house prices, rental yields, and other market trends. Their research and insights section includes reports and analysis of the UK property market.
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS): RICS is a professional body for surveyors and property experts in the UK, and provides regular research and analysis on the property market. Their monthly UK Residential Market Survey includes data and insights on supply and demand, prices, and other factors.
  • Savills: Savills is a leading international property consultancy, and provides research and analysis on the UK property market. Their reports cover a wide range of topics, from residential and commercial property to rural land and development.


How Can I Find The Best Rental Yields UK?

There are several sources you can use to find reliable rental market data in the UK. Here are some suggestions to the best buy to let properties for sale for high rental yields:

  • Office for National Statistics (ONS): The ONS provides a range of official statistics on the UK housing market, including data on private rental prices across different regions of the country.
  • Zoopla: Zoopla provides rental market data on their website, including average rents and yields across different regions of the UK. They also offer a rental index that tracks changes in rental prices over time.
  • Rightmove: Rightmove provides rental data on its website, including average rents for different types of properties in different areas of the country. They also offer a rental report that includes insights and analysis on rental market trends.
  • HomeLet: HomeLet provides data on UK rental prices, including average rents and trends across different regions of the country. They also offer a rental index that tracks changes in rental prices over time.


What Is The Best Property Investment Strategy?

Redmayne Smith takes all of the time and effort out of building your property portfolio. You can be assured that we have thoroughly researched the profitability of every carefully selected investment property.

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